Marshall Street Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

IMGA01011 copywrite 2015 Patricia Stachelski

Prayer for the first day of snow.
Icy streets, slippery bridge, slushy sidewalks for pedestrians. Fill up the bird feeder if you have the means, get ready for the annual Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count. Consider how you can make this world a better place for all, for Syrian refugees, for the neighbor who lost her home, for the people who don’t have health insurance, for families who lost someone, for people disowned by their families, for people in transition, people who don’t know where to go. Winter is harder when there isn’t a warm place to retreat to for food and human love. Sunshine in short supply makes us all needier. A need can’t be fulfilled by new products such as a phone or a car, but by human comfort, forgiveness and assistance.