Since it is Halloween or All Souls Day when the veil between this world and other realms is very thin, it is a good time to speak about a spiritual dilemma or should I say, a spiritual conflict. It is Possession, a noun; possessed, a verb, to be owned by something. In possession, a noncarnate takes residence in a living person much like a bloodsucker attaches to a fish or turtle, a flea to a dog or cat. They are extremely dangerous and destructive unsettled souls who have not found rest. With evil machinations, they can drive the human host to a premature death. The antidote to possession by such entities is to clear and cleanse the environment, have hope for a positive change and believe in love. Love is stronger than hate and evil. Love will save a person from falling prey to these noncarnates. You can tell them to go away and leave your body free by praying to God in whatever name you use, the God of love and the love that exists in the universe. These are your allies.

Hmong and Native American cultures are some of the cultures that have published stories about this phenomena. Sometimes through diseases like alcoholism or another addiction, a person undergoes an alteration in personality and physical form. By explaining it as a possession, people are able to separate the loved one from the behaviors. This is a healthy perspective. It also suggests that the person can be cured from this condition by exorcising the noncarnate. How is it possible to exorcise a parasitic incarnate from someone? By calling on the name of Love and the Divine which always has more power than an evil noncarnate. This is the job of shamans or other spiritual wise ones. The possessed person can also call for help in the name of Divine love or by asking for help from the angelic realm, the spiritual helpers.

That the veil is thin should not evoke fear, just awareness that there are other realms with both good and bad energies. The wisdom and confidence to know the difference is useful, and that is why I chose this topic tonight.