Minnesota Vikings, the New Stadium and Bird Collisions


Below is my letter sent to Governor Dayton regarding the new Vikings Stadium that is still in the construction stage:

Dear Governor Dayton:

I am a resident of Minneapolis, a sports fan and an aware citizen who cares about environmental issues. I am perplexed why the new sports facility for the Vikings football team is not taking the easy and economical steps to utilize bird safe glass. Many fans would love to see the Viking Stadium represent the cutting edge of environmental alternatives to the old glass where research and documentation proves millions of birds have died by flying into it.

Since the stadium will have the prestigious location situated in a park on the Mississippi Flyway where residents and tourists flock to see the migrations of endangered and protected birds, why not have them also look up and see the amazing stadium that has set the stage for others to follow in its choice of bird safe glass?

The stadium authority has the opportunity right now to change the public sentiment towards it and offer a new direction, an important direction that takes into account what the people of Minnesota value. It also has the opportunity to offer a hope for our children and grandchildren to be able to observe amazing creatures who migrate great distances to live and reproduce in our state. It is an opportunity to embrace the fans at many levels and make them proud to live in Minnesota.

Please take the time and consider the Viking fans who love birds and want to celebrate the new stadium because it is not just beautiful, but it represents a future we can all appreciate.