Feather Energy

There she was in the morning cleaning and shaking out the rugs when an owl feather appeared, the one he had given to her.They had found it on the land just when the ice on the lake had finally opened up. The loons could be heard but hadn’t begun nesting. What did it mean to find a12 inch variegated brown and white feather? She swished it back and forth over the kitchen sink. It was a clearing ritual to keep the house safe and grounded, to keep the energy open and positive. She tried to remember the words that went with the feather. She put the feather down and grabbed the broom from the closet. She swept all the corners of the house top to bottom. It took hours to dust. With cedar burning in the center of the living room, she walked through the house with the feather, swooshing and chanting to bless and clear the house into the night, using the energy of invisible scratching things, the energy of large and peering eyes that see into crevices and secrets.

Trish Stachelski
copyright 5/28/13