Smokey becomes Shadow: Kitten Update

Smokey aka Shadow at 6 months

As of last week the beautiful orphan kitten that was found in the garden has a new home. At 6 months of age, he is full of energy and a little too much for our older cat. He liked to ride her like a horse, and this is how he earned the name “Cowboy Smokey Joe.” With all our pets, 2 dogs, 2 adult cats and numerous fish, we decided to place Smokey in another home through Happy Hound Rescue of Minnesota. A great home was found not too far from our neighborhood where he is the king of the house with the run of the roost with everyone waiting on him and a full bowl of food always available! I know it sounds decadent for one small cat, but a happy ending to this story encourages me. I must say I had my doubts with all the kittens, cats and homeless pets turned out and left at shelters, to find a home for our kitten seemed like a huge task. Thank you to Happy Hound Rescue for the great work they do and to the kindhearted woman and her family who took him in. Smokey is now Shadow, so named for his insistence on following his new owner throughout her house.

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